About Me

NAME: Annabel Samantha Christian
LOCATION: London, United Kingdom
My names Annabel, I'm 21 years old and I am currently due to be studying Fashion Styling and Production at London College of Fashion in London.

I created The Girl And The Adventure to share anything and everything with you guys, almost as if it were an online diary where I share all my ideas; such as #OOTD's, online shopping tips, health journeys or just unique places to visit. This is a raw and unique hub of ideas and inspiration from fashion and beauty, to lifestyle and travel. There really is no limit.

I'm currently living in London, however I was actually born and raised in Eastbourne (near Brighton). When I was eight my family and I moved over to Hampshire/Dorset/Wiltshire area and I've been here ever since, however I did study my GCSE's in Tunbridge Wells (Kent) and it was here I made my two closest friends. 

I live part time in London for many reasons, such as:

1. For University - I am studying Fashion Styling and Production at London College of Fashion. 

2. For Work - It's as simple as this, London is the home of opportunity. There is so much I want to do and see in this lifetime and there's no better place to start than in the Capitol.

3. For Myself - Growing up in the rural country side where life just isn't quite as 'with the times' has been really hard, individuality is discouraged and due to this it's stopped me from truly being comfortable with exploring my fashion interests - and even just certain paths in life. Moving to London has been a longtime dream, not only do I feel I can be more bold with my personal fashion choices, I also feel it's a much more accepting and understanding City, there's something fascinating around every corner and nothing is too much.

I hope for this blog to not only serve as an online portfolio to show off my work, but also as a place for us to get personal. If you don't already follow my main Youtube channel or my Vlogging channel then I'd highly suggest it, I post similar content on there from structured lookbooks to raw daily vlogs.

I can't wait to build upon this blog and share with the world what's inside my mind!

lots of love,
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