#OOTD - The 'Go-To' Outfit

I think having that basic autumn outfit, the 'go-to' let's call it, is a very forward thinking move. It's easy to forget what looks edgy and exciting when you're in a rush and sometimes mistakes can be made that probably aren't the most fashion forward. It's not a huge deal getting an outfit slightly wrong but just to be on the safe side here are some of my favourite top tips.

1) The 'go-to outfit'. This is very important. This is the outfit that fundamentally is basic as hell - but trust me it works. This is the outfit that can be thrown together with pretty much any shoe or accessory and will still look effortlessly perfect. Typically in autumn my 'go-to outfit' consists of a white t shirt/top with a black pair of jeans and a black pair of boots... and this is the basic part. The FUN part kicks in when you throw on your favourite pair of earrings or maybe a huge patterned scarf. This outfit is all about accessorising and using what you can quickly find in that morning rush to spice up that now not so basic outfit.
2) The staple. The staple is that piece of clothing that is hella' comfy, hella' fashionable and hella' easy to throw on with pretty much anything you want. For example this could be that very well fitting pair of jeans or maybe that really colourful or sparkly top that every one comments on. Finding your autumn staple piece makes those morning rushes so much more bearable. 
3) Confidence. So let's just say that bright red leotard doesn't look so chic with those pastel pink culottes after all, so what? Fashion is all about working it and taking crazy pieces and making them look good. There's only one secret ingredient to making an outfit work and that's confidence. If you are worried that you've made a mistake, don't let that show. Crack a smile or pull a bad bitch face and keep walking on. The chances are people will think you're really out there and cool.

Here are a few pictures of me in my favourite 'go-to outfit'.

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