Loafing Around.


Hello my beautiful blogger friends. For todays post I wanted to talk to you about 'loafers' - a shoe trend I have yet to take part in... (besides the school shoe days)
I'm so in awe over this seriously comfy trend and honestly I'm so excited next month to buy my first pair of loafers. This casual yet put together shoe is the perfect lazy girl looking sharp life hack and I thoroughly plan on getting involved. 
Let's start off with the obvious. Yes, these shoes have been around for plenty of years and no they aren't only just coming into trend. However, unlike before these shoes no longer indicate hard painful blister causing leather for a mature woman on her way to the desk job. Oh no, these shoes are now... SLOUCHY. These shoes are now the epitome of comfort. Say hello to your mom jeans best pal and your culottes long lost sister. These shoes are the icing on the cake for that effortless chic vibe we see celebrities such as the Olsen twins sport around New York.
In November I will be posting some looks featuring a pair of these bad boys, so keep an eye out of that if you are interested in seeing how I would personally style these.
For now, feast your eyes my friends. These are some of my favourite loafers.

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