Morning everyone, today we embark on this exciting fresh start; my new blog.

I've been on and off the blogging radar since I was seventeen. To put this into perspective, I've just turned twenty-one.

I've always been discouraged by better bloggers, better looking blogs and in general just feeling "not good enough" to be a blogger. This summer I have decided enough is enough, if I can grow a Youtube to the point of 1.5k followers, battle lyme disease and work part time then I sure as hell can share my thoughts on the internet via blog post, you know?

To cut a long story short, I'm back. BUT, I'm here to goddamn stay.

To save the welcome committee starter pack, go ahead and browse around my exciting new interactive blog. To find out my intentions behind this blog head over to the "about me" tab, and if you want to search for any content check out my "categories" drop down. It's all very self explanatory and for once I am feeling very confident about the layout of my blog.

I can't wait to start posting on here, until then, peace and love.

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