I've constantly felt insecure about my eyelashes. Honestly, I know. I tell myself often "How ridiculous!" too. It sounds very silly and 'first world problems' when you type it out. It is. I mean really how can a tiny piece of hair coming out your eye possibly make you feel inferior to another person? Well trust me, somehow it just does. 

I myself, at this stage in my life, do not have the money to go around justifying spending a fortune a month on tiny pieces of hair you glue onto your eyelids... that eventually fall out. Maybe one day, lol. 

But I know it's not just me who feels this way. We see the Kylie Jenners, the IG queens, the Youtube Gurus; and we compare. They have the money to splash out on luxury eyelash extensions that cost as much as $200 and have these full, thick, glamours and voluptuous eyelashes and I'm over here with 4 little sticks and a sty that wont budge. It's truly tragic. 

Personally I am not in a place where £30 mascaras are being thrown my way, but I've learnt that's okay. We can be the Kylie Jenners, The IG Queens, the Beauty Gurus without having to splash the cash. I've learnt to just love what I have with a little help from a purple friend (insert eggplant emoji). 

After a good year or so of trying out affordable drug store mascaras, reading countless reviews to tackle my lack of lash problems and just simply to put it: find a cheap but bloody brilliant goddamn mascara, I found the one I truly feel is the best.

I chose Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara for this tutorial because it's my honest go to. I use only this. I have used only this for over a year. I truly believe that the quality of the product itself, let alone the result, for the amount it is, this is a wonderful mascara. If you're after thick yet long and spacious eyelashes, this is for you.

This tutorial is for my follower friends out there who feel that because they don't have fake eyelashes on 24/7 they're not bad ass. 

Enjoy the tutorial girlies, until next time!

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