Anastasia Beverly Hills - Modern Renaissance - Review & Tutorial

Morning my loves!

I worked very hard on this video, it's safe to say I am very proud of it.
I often over think/over look my content resulting in never posting videos, redoing them three times over or just scrapping the idea altogether. As of lately I have chosen to just accept more of myself, learning that there's improving and 'perfecting' and the latter I will never achieve so, all in all, I need to stop torturing myself and overthinking my Youtube growth by expecting to always get it right the first time around.

As for this palette, I am incredibly pleased; shimmery yet matte, bright yet muted. What more could a girl want? *lists 100 things instantly*
Have a little look at the video, however I have also attached some super lovely photos below I took myself *pats on back* for the first time in since Christmas I have put my camera to use other than to film.

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