A Summers Breakfast - Vegan & Gluten Free

Morning my loves, today is a fresh new day and you've got every chance to make it your own. Be positive and spread love.

Today I really wanted to share with you my 'feel good' breakfast routine. This personally for me is for those mornings you have just for yourself - where you can gaze out the window dreaming of worldly adventures and appreciate the rare English sun. 

The first step to this heavenly breakfast is to decide if you want yogurt or milk. Personally I opt for vegan options and depending on my mood I would typically go for Unsweetened Almond Milk or Almond YogurtNow if you opt for the yogurt option like I did today, you can either put this ingredient first, or drizzled on last. This time around I decided to pour in the yogurt first. There typically is more of this ingredient when you fill the bowl up first, thus creating a much more 'creamy' yet filling breakfast. 

Because I am one for delicate things and a pretty vintage aesthetic, I pour the yogurt typically into beautiful sundae glasses or vintage bowls. 
This is a personal option; however I'm sure it makes everything taste far better.

Now it's time to add the second most vital ingredient; granola/muesli. My first victim of choice was 'Natures Path Pumpkin Seed And Raisin Granola' and then I added some 'Glebe Farm Gluten And Wheat Free Oat Fruit Muesli'. Mixing these two together creates a crunchy and wholesome yet unique taste. The most lovely texture. I personally love raisins and they just compliment the crunchy textures of pumpkin and bursts of almond so tastefully. 

It's time to fruit yourself. I love banana, it's all my all time go to fruit. Sour fruit and me never really truly got on. Another fruit I've never taken to is Blueberries. As beautiful as they are to look at,  the blueberry and I do not work. I'd always add them in hope that today would be the day I would like them, however that day is yet to arrive. I decided to be true to what I simply just enjoy and I opted for one delicious ripe banana. By all means go as fruity as you want, but perhaps try to opt for less sugary fruit as the granola is quite sugary in itself.

The final touches are the most important. We want this to be flavoursome and special as opposed to mediocre and just 'a bowl of yogurt and granola'. 
It's time to get out the natural sweetener and cinnamon. My current go to is Agave Nectar, it's beautifully light yet so tasteful. It's most importantly not TOO sweet or sickly to taste. It's the perfect partner for the ground cinnamon we are now going to sprinkle enthusiastically and not so sparingly on top.

There are two more steps, both necessary yet so very simple. 

I enjoy this breakfast best with a cold class of water, perhaps add some refreshing mint or cucumber if you're feeling extra savvy. Then last but not least, coffee. For me it's a splash of Unsweetened Almond Milk followed by a drop or five (lol) of liquid stevia.  

I hope you enjoy this breakfast as much as me. While you're trying this out for yourself, I ask you to remind yourself why you're special. Talk to yourself about your goals, listen to your feelings and lastly just breath. Relax. De-stress. Life is far too short to worry.

Happy midweek my loves, I cherish you all dearly.

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